Getting Fit(ter) – Week 3

This week has been shit. There is no other way to put it. I had an important appointment about my bachelor thesis. I was so anxious about it that my schedule was completely off. I have thus only managed to work out three times instead of four. This sucks. And to be honest, I am very disappointed of myself. But this is no reason to put myself down. I will start fresh next week and get myself back together. Until then, I will focus on readjusting my schedule so I do not miss any sessions in the future.

Getting Fit(ter) – Week 2

A changed schedule. When I started out last week, I worked out four days in arrow and then had three days off. This week, I worked out two days, took a day off, and worked out for another two days, followed by two days off. This schedule works a lot better with soreness. Giving myself a day to recover helps me feel better after the workouts.