How To Adapt To A Highly Structured Environment

„Architects hate blindly following...anything...without understanding why. They have a greater dislike for authority figures who go around forcing others to obey laws and rules without understanding the purpose of the standards themselves. Architects are likely not to get along with anyone who prefers how things “have always been.” However, by not going along with the standards – even when doing so might not be a big deal – Architects can make their lives harder than they need to be.“ – 16Personalities

Welcome to the Mental Health Talk!

On average, every third person suffers from mental disorder throughout their life. These include obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or addiction to medication, alcohol and other drugs. Still, the most common disorders are anxiety and depression. This is, however, just the numbers of reported patients. Many people experience the same symptoms but haven't consulted a doctor or therapist yet.