How To Adapt To A Highly Structured Environment

„Architects hate blindly following...anything...without understanding why. They have a greater dislike for authority figures who go around forcing others to obey laws and rules without understanding the purpose of the standards themselves. Architects are likely not to get along with anyone who prefers how things “have always been.” However, by not going along with the standards – even when doing so might not be a big deal – Architects can make their lives harder than they need to be.“ – 16Personalities

Getting Fit(ter) – Week 3

This week has been shit. There is no other way to put it. I had an important appointment about my bachelor thesis. I was so anxious about it that my schedule was completely off. I have thus only managed to work out three times instead of four. This sucks. And to be honest, I am very disappointed of myself. But this is no reason to put myself down. I will start fresh next week and get myself back together. Until then, I will focus on readjusting my schedule so I do not miss any sessions in the future.