We have settled on a thesis, sat down, and picked our literature, and we even know how to cite it correctly. What now?

Working through all the secondary literature can be very overwhelming and also super time-consuming. Unfortunately, there is no trick on how to speed that process up. You will have to read every academic paper, every piece of literature and every article you have chosen.

Filter the texts through for valuable information that supports your thesis. The second you find some useful information, write it down. Add one or two extra sentences for context and write down the author and the page. Never just write down a single word or a sentence fragment. Otherwise, you may end up using the information out of context and end up making a wrong citation.

Once you have all your citations written down, start sorting them into your table of content. Open a word document and just put all the information with the regarding topic. You do not have to sort it through and bring it into a logical order just now. However, make sure you sort them correctly.

Once you have everything sorted through, you can start writing.

Choose one of the topics and start sorting your citations. Once they are in order, start writing your text by merely linking all your quotes. Make sure that every statement you make can be supported by a citation. Try only to leave common knowledge uncited. If you remember information from a random text you have read, take the time to find the text and cite your source. Otherwise, you might get an issue with plagiarism.

Keep writing until you reach the end of this specific topic. Do not write your last paragraph yet. Have a look at the following topic and chose how you want to start discussing it. Then go back to your previous text and write the last paragraph in such a way that it links the two topics together.

Keep doing this until you finish your thesis paper.

I wish it was that easy in real life. Do not get discouraged, though. Take your time, do not forget to take breaks and do your best. Everything will turn out just fine!

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