Does anyone want to guess what I am doing on Valentine’s Day? That’s right, I am going to spend my day at the library and work on my bachelor’s thesis.

I am not going to spend Valentine’s Day with any of my loved ones; I am not buying anything for anyone either.

For me, Valentine’s Day feels fake. I do not want presents and flowers and gifts if you are just getting them for me, because society forces you to. The other way around, I do not get presents for people, because of this Hallmark holiday.

Do not get me wrong, if you feel like celebrating Valentine’s Day, please do not let anyone keep you from having the best day. Make it romantic, get all the chocolate, buy all the roses and spend the most beautiful evening with your partner, friends, or family. Make it a day to remember!

But I personally much prefer surprising people with little presents throughout the year. Get your coworkers chocolate because you all survived the much-dreaded meeting, buy your family members flowers to show that you are thinking of them, or get your partner a little present to make their day.

But no matter what you do, do it because you want to, not because a holiday dictates it. Shower people with presents because you love them, not because a commercialized day implies you have to.

I want to treat my loved ones with love every day – because that’s how love should be celebrated: wherever and whenever you want to.

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