Romance is dead because somewhere along the way our standards dropped. Actually, they did not drop; they vanished, disappeared, dissolved, evaporated, and died – all at once.

Yet romance can be so simple.

Flowers, for example. I have only gotten flowers from my partner twice in a nearly five year relationship: Once because I cried on Valentinsday because he did not get my any and the second time because he felt bad for not getting me any after I talked about me crying on Valentine’s day for not getting any. You see, there is a theme here. Now, do not get me wrong; this is not about Valentine’s day. But getting flowers is just so nice. It is cute and simple and will most definitely make your partner one of the happiest people. It is a beautiful little romantic gesture for literally less than 10€.

Another way to keep the romance alive is to continue dating. Yes, chilling on the sofa together in nothing but sweats and a shirt stuffing our face with pizza is nice. But making an effort and going out together is nice too. It also helps with consciously spending time together instead of just existing in the same space and claiming the other person as your own.

Lastly, do not stop complimenting your partner. You are with them for a reason, so let them know. Let them know you like their outfit, their hair, the way they laugh, or even the way they cry. Complement their cooking, their discipline or anything else you appreciates about them. Vocalize your emotions. Yes, they probably do know how you feel about them, but over time we seem to forget to talk about it. Reassurance is essential, and communication is key. Never let your partner forget how you feel about them.

Keep the little things alive to nourish your relationships. This also counts for friends and family by the way. Let them know you love them; they will appreciate it.

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