Some people tend to dislike a regular schedule since it often consists of breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner and that’s it. But having a balanced routine can actually support your mental health since it gives you a clear schedule to follow throughout the day or week.

In order to develop a balanced routine, you need to understand what your day consists of. Do you have an office job? Or do you have a manual profession? Do you spend a lot of time outside? Do you work together with someone, or do you rather work alone?

For example, if you have an office job, you tend to sit the whole day which can be quite harmful to your body and also leave you mentally exhausted while your body could still use some form of exercise. Of course, after a whole day of work, you probably don’t want to go to the gym, but that doesn’t stop you from doing something at home. Here are three things you can do at home.


Yoga is not only good for your posture, which cancels out possible back problems coming from sitting at a desk all day but also has calming and relaxing qualities. You do not even have to do it for a long time; 20 minutes a day are enough. If you want to start yoga, you can find plenty of videos for beginners on YouTube.


If you want some fresh air after a day at the office, going for a run is always an excellent option. Not only is jogging really good for your physical health, but it also helps to clear your head. But be careful, jogging can be bad for your joints so always use proper sportswear and don’t overdo it.

At-home workout

Many people dislike gyms because they feel like they’re being watched or just don’t want to exercise in front of others. A simple way to avoid these problems is to get a personalized workout plan which can be done at home. It’s still as beneficial as a workout at the gym, burns of excess energy and lightens your mood.

In case you have an artisan job, you probably want to end an exhausting day with something less physically active. An easy way to do so is to grab a good book, a cosy blanket and relax on the sofa. You can also solve some Sudoku puzzles, get yourself a notepad and get artsy or cook something fresh and delicious.

So in conclusion, you should always try finding contrary activities compared to your job etc. to find a healthy balance and relieve some of the daily stress. I know it can be hard keeping up your routine, especially when it comes to sport or cooking regularly. But remember, it doesn’t have to be every day. A workout three times a week is still enough, same goes for jogging, cooking or even reading a book. You also shouldn’t force yourself to keep it up but instead, find something that works for you because, in the end, it’s your mood that should benefit from it.

I hope I could help someone with this entry because having a balanced routine really had a significant impact on my life and helped me deal with depression and I’d like other people to gain something from it too. Hope you’ll join me on my next blog entry in two weeks again!

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