A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts.” – Alan Watts

INZO – Overthinker

Analytical thinking is associated with complex decision-making, problem solving, critical thinking, and, yes indeed, self-monitoring. While all these things can impact your life in a very positive way, they can also hold you back and keep you from evolving.

One of the main issues with analytical thinking is that you simply cannot find an answer to everything. Thinking is all about asking questions and seeking truths. However, some questions cannot be answered. Do not loose sleep over them. It is okay to leave some things unresolved and just accept not knowing.

Another problem of an analytical mind is getting in the way of your creativity. Too much thinking can spoil a good idea; and overanalyzing every creative thought can shoot down any creative process.

Analytical thinking is also related to judging yourself and others. Trying to be less judgmental also means trying to not over-analyze others. When analyzing people, we tend to put them into categories. By putting people into categories, we single out one aspect of their personality without giving them the chance to prove themselves. People are way more complex than you might think.

Analyzing and rationalizing can get in the way of your happiness. There is no need to justify every thought, every emotion, everything people say. It is okay to enjoy things for the sake of it and not asking your self why.

Here are five ways to keep yourself from over-analyzing and overthinking:

  • Stop waiting for perfection – there will never be the perfect time for something; just do it
  • Do not assume anything – act on facts
  • Be proactive – tell someone about your struggle with overthinking and let them help you get started
  • Create a plan and commit to it
  • Ask yourself the right kind of questions – do not focus on the problem but on the solution
  • Keep a diary and write your thoughts down – once they are written down, try to let them go and come back later

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