The first weakness discussed in last week’s blog post is arrogance.

Architect personalities can carry their confidence too far. They may falsely believe that they’ve fixed all the issues of a matter, then call it a day, rejecting the opposing opinions of those they believe to be intellectually inferior. With their disrespect for social standards, Architects can be insensitive when offering their opinions if they aren’t mindful of their attitude and less-developed social skills. – 16Personalities

     Being arrogant is often perceived as a negative trait. But does that automatically mean that now good comes from being arrogant? No, fake news!

     For me, arrogance is a form of confidence – if you imagine confidence to be a spectrum, arrogance is on the far end, an extreme form of confidence. In most cases, arrogance is a result of personal achievements and success. Arrogant people know the value of winning and how to cope with losing. It is normal and healthy to be carried by your triumphs.

     Knowing the value of winning and being a little arrogant about your success is important. Especially in capitalist societies where people constantly try to bring you down and get above you. But remember, nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

     As an introvert, a little arrogance can be quite helpful to keep annoying people at a distance. Unwanted interaction? Just drop a few arrogant lines, make the other people feel inferior and just turn around and go. You will likely never be bothered again.

     But jokes aside, keeping people at a healthy distance allows you to stay focused. Interaction with colleagues and fellow students can be entertaining and helpful but sometimes you just need to get shit done and not be interrupted.

“All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” ― Mark Twain

     Arrogance can also make you a great leader! Do not believe me? Check out the leaders of the most successful companies. None of them seems humble or soft. Humility can make you look weak when times are hard; it can make leaders appear vulnerable in times when people need answers and reassurance.

     You obviously should not be mean to anyone. Arrogance should always be based on your own success, not on other people’s failures. The only person you should measure yourself against is yourself.

Be arrogant because you are a better person than you were yesterday!

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