I am nearly done with my minor. There are only one course and a bachelor’s thesis between me and my degree.

Looking back, it’s crazy to think that I started this course of studies mainly because I did not know what else to do. Back then, I quit biology and wanted to move in with my boyfriend. I was searching for a job to become a trainee, but that did not work out. So, I decided I would start studying again. I chose a subject which did not have any specific requirements, so I did not have to worry about being rejected. I thus started studying English and American studies with additional courses in media and communication studies. And I never looked back.

Next week, I will start writing my thesis. Overall, I will have six weeks to write my thesis, and it will have to be about 30 pages long. This week, I finally agreed on a topic with my advisor. She is very helpful, and I am so thankful for her support and her constructive feedback.  

I will take you along on my journey to finally write my bachelor’s thesis and become the next bachelorette. In weekly features, I will write my thesis with you and help you overcome your problems. Let us be successful together.

To begin with, let us have a look at how to find a topic and how to write a thesis statement. 

Finding a specific topic can be hard. A good starting point is always looking at your interests. What issues are you drawn to, what books do you like to read, what Instagram content are you most interested in? You can also check the research focuses of your lecturers and professors. Does one of their topics spark your interests? Also, while not all lecturers are authorized to examine, many will help you regardless. Get in contact with people and check yourself. A personal interest is always best.

Once you chose a topic, you will have to write a thesis statement. For me, this was especially hard. Bringing your thoughts and ideas onto paper in one sentence is hard. Combining all aspects into one coherent thought took me longer than I would like to admit. 

But what is a thesis statement? In short: it is the subject of your paper and a claim about your topic. 

The longer answer is a bit more complicated. The thesis statement serves as a mini-outline for the paper. It is the focus of your thesis and articulates your ideas and opinions.

These steps helped me get to my thesis statement:

  1. Take your topic and turn it into a question.
  2. Answer the question as detailed as possible. Use google and other sources to find as much information about the topic as possible.
  3. Look at your answer and summarize them into one main answer.
  4. Go back to your answer and make a road map. What are the best reasons for your answer? Pick at least three.
  5. Add emphasis like “in fact”, “in reality”, etc.

And now, finally, my topic and my thesis:

Fourth Wave Feminism and the #MeToo Movement

With the creation of the Hollywood system, women were oppressed, (sexually) abused, and used for the fame and success of men. In today’s male-dominated society and economy, fourth-wave feminism uses the internet to oppose this practice of women having to participate in sexual exploitation to be successful in the public sphere.

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