Today is the day: the new semester starts, and I could not be more excited.

I really did enjoy my internship but going to university is just something else. After being away for half a year and only hearing stories from my friends, I am excited to be back in the castle to work on my degree and my future. Yes, my university is inside a castle – beat that!

I like to start my semester of being well prepared. I remember, back in school, each year I wanted to be different. Wake up early, do all my homework, pay attention in class, all the things good students do. I guess no one is surprised when I say that these good resolutions never really worked out. Now that I go to university though, I really have changed. Since I don’t have to take any subjects anymore that do not really interest me, I have become more ambitious than ever. And my internship had a great effect on this ambition.

So, to make this semester my best semester yet, I have started planning my days more. I want to be prepared, work hard and achieve the best results.

How? Here are my tips on how to be prepared for university and how to stay on top of everything.

Plan your days

I love planning and here is why: I always want to do all the things. Unfortunately, days only have 24 hours. While I am really ambitious, I can also be easily distracted. To keep that from happening, I like to plan my day out in detail – including breaks and free time. Mondays will be the days I have seminars and courses. I have planned every course and have planned my free time and other activities around it. Mondays now include not only university work but also yoga classes, work on my blog, time to play on my phone and a scheduled time to be on Instagram and other social media. You obviously do not have to follow your plan every single day. Things happen plans change. But try to keep as close to your plan as possible. Develop a routine. Distinct times for learning or working will make it easier for your brain. Don’t be discouraged if your plan does not work out. Adjust it and keep going. Planning is trial and error. Never be too harsh with yourself.

Know where you are going

I am one of the people who chose their field of study out of need. I was done with school; my first choice did not work out and I needed something to do. I randomly chose a subject I luckily fell in love with and I could not be happier with my studies. Many people are not as lucky. Don’t force yourself to finish something for the sake of it. However, also be aware that you want to find a job later one. Lateral entries are not only possible but also very common. If you do not know where you want to go in life, it might be best to study something that opens many doors for you. Economics, logistics, language studies and media research are common choices. Do not feel pressured by friends and family to choose a subject you are not interested in. But also, do not lose yourself in all the options. Be mindful about your choices. And keep in mind why you are doing what your are doing.

Be prepared

Prepare your food, pack your bag and do your homework/assigned tasks. I also like to plan my outfit the night before. It is easier to adjust a prepared outfit than to come up with something in the rush of the morning. By being prepared, you reduce the chances of having a stressful morning – and let’s be real: no one wants to be stressed in the morning. All we want is a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a minute to contemplate whether we really need this job or education. We do, so let’s do this.

Obviously, we are all different. A highly structured day and planning my time ahead helps me. It does not necessarily have to be the best solution for your struggles. But it is worth a try. Let me know how you stay on top of your day!

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