Decluttering has been a massive trend on YouTube for a while now. I know, throwing away stuff does not necessarily sound like something you would do to save money – but hear me out.

On the weekend, my mum and I decided to go through her wardrobe. We are nowhere near done but we have made some great progress. The thing that stood out most to me during this process is how many things get stuffed in the back of the wardrobe and forgotten about. My mum has some beautiful pieces that got lost in the black hole called bottom shelf that she was so excited to rediscover.

Another shocking thing was that we had bought several things over and over again because we could not find them anywhere. This is where frugal living and decluttering go hand in hand. If you have an overview of everything you own and regularly declutter your belongings, things will not get lost and you thus do not have to rebuy them. This will save you tons of money – and, let’s be real, you will feel a lot better after.

You can obviously do it like my mum and declutter once every thirty years. This will be exhausting but we found a lot of items that held lots and lots of great memories. And although we threw them away, it was a beautiful end emotional trip down memory lane.

I, however, prefer to declutter my belongings once every season. This is especially true for clothes. I don’t have unlimited space to store clothes and I do not think that my boyfriend will be very ecstatic once my clothes start to take over his space.

But while decluttering can be a very positive experience, it can also be exhausting. Getting rid of so many things can be emotionally challenging. This is why I love the idea of asking yourself the following:

Does this thing spark joy? Does it hold a special memory? Does it remind you of a loved one? Then keep it. Getting rid of some things is better than getting rid of nothing. And you should never take away your joy. Free yourself of unnecessary things but do not overdo it.

How often do you declutter? Let me know!

One thought on “Frugal Living No.3

  1. Decluttering is essential! The older I get, the more I realize how much I’m accumulating. Some things are special and okay to have, but I also need to get rid of things that I don’t use or need. I try to do this a couple of times per year, but should really do it more often.

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