Budget Plans.

In last weeks Fri-nally Frugal, I talked about cash envelopes and how to use them. I also talked about planning your expenses, making lists and writing everything down.

I know, this is the 21 century and I cannot even remember the last time I actually used a pen and a piece of paper. I mean, I can but let’s just pretend I cannot just for the sake of this blog post.

I am one of these people that old people like to rant about. Yes, I have my phone in my hands literally 24/7 and yes I do not like to talk to random strangers on public transport just because that apparently is what old people did when they were younger – during the Stone Age or whatever.

But this is not the point, the point is that you do not need to plan things out on paper because a glorious thing called EXCEL exists. When doing my research on how to save money, I was searching the internet for a free budgeting plan template. Do not get me wrong, there are a lot of amazing YouTubers and Instagrammers out there who are more than willing to sell you their plans on how to save money. But how can I save money if I have to invest money? This does not add up.

In desperation, I decided to check out the Excel Templates provided by Microsoft. Surely, there would be one I could adapt to my needs. But low and behold: the template of my dreams already exists; for free, by Microsoft. It is called ‘Monthly Household Budget’.

It is not only super simple but also very adaptable. And it provides you with statistics on how much you have spent on what.

Super simple, super useful and super FREE! Yaaaas!

Do you use Excel to keep track of your monthly budget? Or are you a pen and paper kind of person? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Frugal Living No.2

  1. I actually use the “notes” in my phone for literally everything. Inspiration for blogs, usernames, instagram caption ideas, and everything in between haha!


  2. I’m so old school lol I still love writing things on paper and my boyfriend complains lol idk it just feels different however I may try using excel to see how that goes lol


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