In August I will start a new job; I will be a working student at the company I am an intern at. I am very excited because it makes me feel even more appreciated than I do anyway. However, this change also makes me very anxious.  Due to legal reasons, I will no longer be entitled to financial promotion for university students. This means I will have around 400€ a month less than I used to. I know, it is ‘just’ money, but 400€ is a lot.

But this is not going to deter me. I really want to do this and, as always, I will find a way.

So being the overthinker that I am, I have already done a lot of research as to how we can go through these changes without having to put back too much. I know that many people struggle with money and money related anxieties.

I have thus decided to start this little series which will include tips and tricks all around money management and money saving.

This won’t be easy, but with all anxieties and worries, I am still super excited for all the new challenges and learning experiences.

So, for a start: Let me know your money tips down below! I am excited to hear all about your money-handling experiences!

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