Since moving back in with my parents, I appreciate quality time with my boyfriend even more. Every weekend, we try to do something special – and make the most of our time. Whether it be a short trip to Lake Constance – with an amazing car sponsored by my boss – or a relaxed stroll through town; we try to make every moment count.

Currently, my boyfriend is knee deep in the preparation for his exams, so he tends to be short on time. So here are three of my favourite things to do when you got neither time nor money.

Cook together, eat together

Let’s face it: you gotta eat anyway, so why not turn it into a couple activity. Cooking your favourite foods together, chilling on the sofa eating while watching a random series on Netflix.

But beware: Choose your series before you start your food – otherwise you will be stuck arguing about what to watch until your food is cold.

Go grocery shopping together

Yet again, another thing that must be done anyway. While I love shopping for groceries, it can be super time consuming – time you will spend away from your partner. So, we have decided to go shopping together most of the time. We either end up browsing in a small supermarket or going to a bigger store where we will also stay for lunch. Either way, turning your chores into dates is a simple and easy way to spend time together.

Get invested in each other’s interests

This sounds redundant but can be one of the most effective time saviours of all: if he loves to smoke cigars, sit outside with him and chat; if she loves to go for a walk, join her. Nothing makes you feel more appreciated than people getting invested in your hobbies.

Nothing is more important than making time for each other.


For some tips and tricks on smart working, business traveling and work-life-balance, check out my boss’ blog over at

Thank you to her and my co-workers for being an amazing team and inspiring me everyday!

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