It is nearly halftime on my internship, and I am so grateful for the journey so far. I have learned a lot, not only job-wise but also about myself. I have learned a lot about communication: that it is not only writing an article and publishing it. Communication is much more about statistics than I would have ever thought.

I can also add “event management” to my skills on LinkedIn now (this joke was stolen from my co-workers and I am not even sorry about it!). But new skills can also have their downsides. As someone who wants to work in communication, it is so hard to be part of an internal communication team. We plan and execute an event but we cannot talk about it. We communicated but are not allowed to communicate what we communicate – the communication paradox is real.

I have also learned that teamwork does, in fact, make the dream work. Neither of us has unlimited resources nor unlimited capacities. We would never get anywhere if we would never as for help or help each other – and I am more than happy to be part of a team that works together so harmonically.

For myself, I have learned an important lesson too. People will give you a hard time for everything you do, no matter if its good or bad or if they know anything about it. I used to take all the negativity from people and never fight back. Honestly, though, nobody is perfect and if someone who has nothing to do with what you do wants to take their mood out on you, you are allowed to say something. Of course, you are not supposed to be rude or impolite – but you do have the right to defend yourself, even if they do not want to hear it.

At the end of the day, I am more than happy that I managed to open that door in my first week at my internship. Who knows what would have happened, if I didn’t take a look behind closed doors.

What have you done in the past few months that you are proud of? Let me know in the comments below!


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