March has been over for a while now but since April has been super busy I have only just now come around to reflect on what I have loved in March.

So, let’s dive right in into the depths of all my early spring favourites.

As I normally do, I like to start it off with food. My favourite food in March has been hummus with veggies. I do know that for someone who loves cooking and baking this is a relatively simple dish but to be fair since I have started my internship, I am not really in the mood to do anything after I come home from work. So, on nights my mum doesn’t cook for me and my siblings, which, by the way, I appreciate more than words can say, I love to just have a quick and simple snack – and hummus is perfect for this.

My second favourite thing food-wise is 16/8. I have started this “diet” during lent but although lent is over now, I am planning on keeping this diet plan up and running. I have tried many different things so far and I have to say 16/8 is my absolute favourite. While it solely limits my time during which I can eat, it does not limit what I eat. If I want to have a doughnut, I will. If I feel like having a burger for lunch, I will have one. I love that I am not limited in what I eat. I do, however, naturally eat less – you just cannot eat as much in eight hours as you would all day long.

Entertainment wise, I have rediscovered my love for Stardew Valley. While being similar to Harvest Moon and other games of the genre, no game has brought me as much joy as Stardew Valley has. With over 600 hours of game time on three consoles, it is safe to say that Stardew Valley is one of my favourite games. I was struggling to find something to do while staying at my parent’s house – I obviously cannot pack all the things I like to do in a bag and take them to my parent’s house. But since buying Stardew Valley for the Switch, I tend to take it with me all the time. Entertainment on the go – oh yes!

My favourite item of clothing have been my Nike Air Force 1. I felt so bad about buying them because let’s be real, they are not cheap. But I have wanted them for so long that I finally decided to get a pair – and I do not regret buying them one bit. They do not only look good but are also so comfortable. And maybe, just maybe, I am already thinking about buying a second pair – but just maybe.

Last but not least, the thing I have loved most about March is the beginning of spring. I love the flowers, the sunshine and the warmth. The cherry blossoms in my parent’s garden give me more joy than anything else. Spring has to be my favourite seasons – right after winter.

What about you? What have been your favourites in March? Let me know in a comment below!


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