Happy first month of spring!

Time to switch my clothes up – from black sweaters to black t-shirts, from black jeans to black dresses.

I honestly cannot tell you why I love my black outfits so much, but one thing is for sure, it feels wrong to wear anything other.

Seeing myself in blue jeans makes me cringe and wearing anything lighter than a dark blue gives me anxiety. With my new job, however, I try to switch things up. I try to introduce new colours to my wardrobe and mix and match my clothes. I want to switch things up, but I do not want to spend a fortune on new things.

Here are my top four ways of switching thing up with little to no effort:

  • Your one and only: choosing one item from your closet and finding ways to wear it differently would allow you to mix up your style. For instance, dresses can be combined with sweaters and cardigans while skirts and pants can be worn with a variety of tops.
  • 30 out f 30: pick 30 articles of clothing from your closet and mix and match them for a month while taking photos each day. Planning is crucial here (same as doing your laundry consistently) but looking back at outfits will help you when you feel lost in your closet.
  • Combo breaker: get out of your comfort zone. We all own that one shirt we thought we liked and then never wore. Get it out and put it one – there was a reason you bought it in the first place.
  • Encapsulate yourself: limit your wardrobe to a certain number of clothes and work with what you own. You will lose the overview of your wardrobe if you go out to shop all the time.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion – but getting dressed in the morning can be one of the biggest challenges of the day. Be smart and start your day off right!

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