There are approximately 78246361553 tips on how to dress out there. Whether you are a pear, an apple, a celery stick, or whatever other vegetable or fruit related form that might be out there – there is one thing we can all be: an onion.

How? Well, it has nothing to do with the shape or even the smell – it’s about the layers.

You may love layering t-shirts and cardigans, sweaters and jackets, blouses and blazers. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure: adding another layer can transform your outfit from simple to amazing in seconds.

My personal favourite are blouses with sweaters. A blouse is a classic basic that always works. But a blouse can also be boring – or too cold. Both of these issues can be resolved with one simple item: a sweater. Whether you colour block your clothes or put a basic on top of a basic – sweaters and blouses will always be a simple but effective combination.

The best thing about it: you’re basically wearing three outfits at once! Meeting in the morning? Wear your blouse. Open window in the office? Add your sweater. Dinner with friends after work? Take off your blouse and only wear jour sweater. It’s just that simple.

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