Selfcare maintenance refers to those behaviours performed to improve well-being, preserve health, or to maintain physical and emotional stability.

Self-care is not only about feeling beautiful – touched upon in the last Self-Care Sunday – its more than that.

Self-care is about taking a break from your busy schedule, cancelling plans because you would rather stay at home with a pizza watching Netflix, eating that extra piece of chocolate, even though it might not fit into your diet plan.

Self-care is about taking a break from everything that stresses you and doing things you enjoy. For me personally, I love lying in bed, a cup of tea in one hand, my phone in the other, and chilling without being bothered. For my boyfriend, it is taking time to go to the gym or inviting friends over for a gaming session or to watch a movie.

People are different and what works for you might not work for someone else.

It can be hard to take time for yourself. Whenever I am in town, I get so excited about book shops and I buy at least one book whenever I am out and about – but I never read. I have so many books that have not been touched once, simply because I cannot get myself to do it. Whenever I decide to take a break, I sit down an chill on my phone until it is too late to actually start a book or do anything else.

Self-care is a skill – you got to work hard to take care of yourself.

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