When I got ill a while ago, I suddenly gained about 40 (!) pounds – all while dieting. It’s safe to say that I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes anymore. How could I, having outgrown my clothes by several sizes. Apart from being physically ill, the weight gain also affected my mental health.

So, I went on a mission: finding cute close in the plus size section – because I am cute and I want to show it. If you are not a fan of massive, baggy clothes that have kind of a tent vibe to them, this might turn into the mission of a lifetime. Going shopping with your friends turns into a struggle when you cannot shop in regular stores or have to limit yourself to the plus size section – generally consisting of three items in the darkest corner furthest away from the entrance.

But it is what it is – and since I am not willing to walk around looking like I got dressed by a ragpicker who has a love for dark and dirty colours, I had to find another solution.

So here are a few of my favourite items of clothing that make you feel cute and also hide one or two lumps and bumps you might not like about yourself.

Basic Tees and Jeans

Let’s start off simple: a basic t-shirt and a nice fitting pair of jeans can save your day! Just think about Jane Birkin who has become a classic style icon – in jeans and shirts. It’s important though, to find the right kind of fit for yourself. I cannot imagine a life without skinny jeans, while some swear on bootcuts. So, while simplicity is key here, you want to find basic pieces that turn into staples for you – and that can save you from rummaging through your wardrobe without finding anything to wear.

Yay for being basic!

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