Spending money can be easy. “Let’s go shopping!” can quickly turn into a disaster. So, I try to keep myself from overspending on things I do not need. However, I also do think that it can be really important to splurge sometimes – may it be the notorious shopping therapy or just a random item; simply because it makes you feel good.

Spending money can be self-care – especially spending money on yourself.

May it be a face mask, some makeup or clothing. Spending money on yourself makes you feel good and it will show. We have all had the glorious feeling of wearing something new or having a new hairstyle and feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model.

For me personally, one of the most important aspects of self-care is getting my nails done. I havewanted to do it for years and my mum would never let me because she feared itmight harm my nails. I then forgot about it until years later, I am 21 now, Irediscovered the beauty of manicured nails. Not only do they look fierce but also help me feel good about myself.

It took me a while to find a good nail salon though – I still have a black spot in my natural nail where one of the nail ladies in a cheap salon went to deep with an electric file and nearly hit the bed of my nails – this could have harmed my natural nail forever. But I was young and dumb and did not want to spend the money.

Well, I am still just as young but a little less dumb – and Ihave learned that good things might cost a little more than you want them to.But in the end, it will always pay off.

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