Why is it that every time I travel, I have to endure hour-long bus rides?

Whether it be 16 hours to Berlin or 5 hours to Munich, travelling by bus is exhausting. So, to keep you from going insane, here are my top three travel essentials:

A neck pillow: this might seem redundant, but we literally were the only two people on the bus with a neck pillow. That being said, we were probably also the only people who could move their necks the next day. Watching people sleep with their head all weird nearly made me have an anxiety attack. So please, for yourself and your neck, bring a neck pillow.

Entertainment: I know, this sounds redundant yet again but be smart about your entertainment choices. Don’t be the guy who annoys everyone by being on the phone for hours. Also, please don’t be the girl that laughs like a dying hyena while everyone is desperately trying to sleep. I am obviously not saying that you are not allowed to laugh with your friends or have a call, but moderation is key. You are not alone. The best things to entertain yourself are books and your phone. If you travel with friends, you might want to bring a game. Uno or any other travel sized game can be great.

Privacy: Headphones – no matter where I go, I always always always bring my headphones. And especially when you are in a setting where you cannot leave or just move away from someone who, use your headphones. Bored? Listen to music. Annoyed? Put the headphones in and relax. Don’t want to talk to someone? Put your headphones in and pretend to be busy. Hotel? Trivago!

In general, please be a decent human being.

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