When I got the Eventim notification in September, I knew I had to go.

Post Malone in Munich – uhm, yes?

So, I got up in the middle of my class at uni and called my boyfriend. Concert tickets for 180 bucks are not necessarily something I can splurge on without asking first. He was not amused; how would we get to Munich and where would we stay – extra expenses he wasn’t really interested in.

And I absolutely understood. I do get really excited about things very very quickly and calm down rather quickly – but normally, the damage is done by then.

But two days later I was still as excited about it as I had been at the beginning – so he gave in. I bought tickets for the concert and went on the hunt for a hotel.

Have you ever tried to book a hotel without a credit card? It might actually be easier to just go to the destination and build your own place there. I had picked out the hotel I wanted rather quickly but actually booking a room turned into a life task. All I wanted was to see Posty.

I finally found a booking website that accepted Paypal – yas!

Tickets – check! Hotel – check!

Last but not least: How to get to Munich without spending a fortune. The solution: Flixbus.

Anyone who has ever gone somewhere in an old scabby touring coach knows that there is hardly anything more disturbing than a bus full of random people who behave as they have never had a proper upbringing. Who drinks beer out of a can while loudly watching football on a phone for 5 hours straight?

Although the bus rides were interesting – to say the least – the hotel was cute and the concert was more than worth it.

Posty, you smashed and I would gladly do it all again to see you rock the stage!

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