After exactly one month of internship, I have already learned a lot. Here are my top three lessons I have learned:

Don’t be afraid of your own creativity

Sometimes, being creative and sharing your ideas can be intimidating. But they wouldn’t ask if they weren’t interested in your opinion. Yes, sometimes, what you’ve come up with is not exactly what was expected, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Every input can lead to something great. Don’t be afraid of yourself.

Have the courage to make mistakes

You’re not perfect, nobody is; and nobody expects you to be. You’re an intern for a reason: to learn, to get a peek of a job and to find out things about yourself. It can be a stony path but even if you meet your bosses boss for the first time and walk straight past him when he is trying to start a conversation; there’s always a new day to go to his office, apologize, and officially introduce yourself. Turn your failures into blessings.

Be yourself

People are different and that’s great. If you have ever been in a meeting with a bunch of people who like each other and who feel free to speak their mind, you will know that it creates a beautiful atmosphere of creativity and freedom; and you can and will be an important part of this creative process. Because teamwork makes the dream work; and you are part of the team!

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