Have you ever wanted something so badly that you were willing to give up everything? I am overdramatizing, obviously, but the day I left my boyfriend’s and my flat, I felt like I was leaving for good.

I would have never thought that I would move back in with my parents. Even if I and Josh would break up, I probably wouldn’t go back. I am just not one to look back. But when I got the offer for an internship at Daimler, I couldn’t let it slide. Of course, this meant I had to move; move away from my boyfriend back in with my parents. That my room was now my sister’s, that I had to share a bed with my mother, that my schedule would be busy, I knew about it. I knew Josh and I would go back to a long distance relationship and that I would miss him. But we also knew that we could make it and that this would be one of the greatest opportunities life had offered me so far.

So, I leapt at it. And I regret nothing.

Today, I have adjusted to a busy schedule, a crazy office and happy weekends.

So welcome! Welcome to this crazy journey. I would love to have you here!

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